What the Heck is Corvi Wearing?!

You will see this at the bottom of every post I do, this is the area where I tell you the names of what I’m wearing, and often the slurls of where to get them. That said, it gets annoying to constantly put my body, skin, etc EVERY SINGLE TIME.

*UPDATE* I have updated my look! As of 5-25-18 the following is now accurate

SO, unless otherwise stated, I will ALWAYS be wearing

Body: Belleza FREYA. YES. Now that it’s bento I like it MUCH better than Maitreya. Please make more stuff for Belleza!

Skin: Pink Fuel (shade: Peach) (head applier: Minji Peach)

Head: Catwa Pink

Eyes: GA.EG Ultimate Eyes (eye color may change, these eyes use huds that let me change eye color, reflection, even the pupil shape. Often, if you look closely, you will see I have kitty slits for pupils.)


Makeup, Hair, clothing, etc is subject to change and will be listed at the bottom of my posts as usual. If you want to know the base for the shape I wear (heavily modified I might add), just ask me. Heck if you want to know the numbers for my shape I’ll tell you that too!