Feeling All Summer-like, thanks to Uber

Uber is on once again so of course you know I had to go check it all out, and of course, I spent way more money than I should but DANG there’s some nice stuff there this time!

The hardest part for me, when deciding to blog something, is where to take the dang photos. Usually I just punt and take them at my house. You may have noticed that the house is almost always different each time I do this… there’s a reason for this, and no, it’s not because I like giving you new backgrounds to look at… it’s because I’m a House Addict. There. I said it. I have a HUGE problem with buying houses and swapping them out. Sometimes a house will only last a month, sometimes it will last a year. If I get bored with it, a new one gets put out. So, be warned, house is subject to change at ANY given time. LOL

Now on to the photos… YAY!

5-26-17 Uber1

Tell me this isn’t a totally adorable outfit! I feel like I’m ready to go on a yacht or something. The top and pants are both from COCO, the hair is from Truth, and the shoes are shoes I’ve owned for awhile but adore. They’re from Empire.

5-26-17 Uber2

This hair… zomg… I didn’t used to buy Truth hair, not because I didn’t love the designs, because I do, I always have. But their black pack was very dark and you couldn’t see the highlights or even hair texture. THAT HAS CHANGED! ZOMG. Truth has totally redone all their packs, added more colors, and added new colorpacks like this shade from their Multitone1, and I love that I can have black and blue streaked hair. Truth is also doing something that a few other hair designers are doing now, giving you a Style Hud. This means you can choose what kind of bangs to wear, if you only want the hair falling over one side or both, basically making it work better for YOU. I foresee a lot more Truth Hair in my future. My poor wallet.

5-26-17 Uber3

5-26-17 Uber4

This outfit. When I saw it, I wasn’t sure it was really my style, but I grabbed the demo anyway, just to see. Boy was I wrong. I LOVE IT! It’s totally cute with the navy stripes on the top and then navy pants to go with it, and the slits up the sides of the pants makes it flirty and sexy. All I can say is, take a chance! Sometimes the oddest things will turn out to be something you totally love, but you won’t know if you don’t try.

5-26-17 Uber5

I had to take this picture and add it as well. It’s just so… casual and fabulous. And see? I can be all comfy on my car couch. Have I mentioned that I love that I have a computer that can manage shadows now? Well, now I have! Shadows create SO much more depth to my photos! I love it.

Arrrrright my friends, I shall see you next time! (did you catch that pirate reference there? cuz you know.. I’m all nautical and stuffs)

Background Stuff

House: Orlando from Inverse

Massage Table: Adult Massage Table Light from Dutchie

Car Chair: [Con.] Vintage Car Sofas – Champagne from Consignment (past Arcade Gacha item but gacha is at mainstore)

Windlight: Bristol

What The Heck Is Corvi Wearing?

Body: Maitreya

Head: Catwa Lona

Eyes: G.A.E.G.

Skin: Pink Fuel – Sabine – Latte Shade

Pants: *COCO*_SideSlitWideLegPants_Navy Currently at Uber

Top: *COCO*_WrapCropTop_StripeBlue Currently at Uber

Hair: TRUTH Imani – Fatpack Currently at Uber

Shoes: #EMPIRE – Foxglove – Gift

Necklace: Exquisite Signature Necklace – Deviant (box) 11 (freebie gift from becoming a Deviant at 2nd Sin Male Review… what? you didn’t think I never have any fun, did you? lol)