It’s a Luxe Filled Day

Luxe Box is one of the few Mystery Boxes I do. I find that overall, the quality is awesome and I keep, on average, about half of the items. The other items, while well done, just simply aren’t my style, and that’s ok! This round, however, I kept pretty much everything, which is a record for me.

8-16-17 Luxe1

Today was just one of those days where I wanted to curl up in my comfy chair and read. Have you ever had one of those days? Where you just want to hide away from the universe for awhile and relax and just BE. Today I indulged in that. I adore my snuggly comfy chair so much, the blanket has texture changes in it and everything.

8-16-17 Luxe2

It was simply just so calming and relaxing to curl up there with the sunset shining in thru my windows.

8-16-17 Luxe3

Here is an excellent view of two of the items from Luxe. the top is from Foxes and the skirt is Blueberry… seriously, I think I own 3/4 of her store at this point.

8-16-17 Luxe4

The finishing touch is always shoes, and these shoes from Empire are likely going to be my new “go to” pair of shoes. The materials are very well done on them and they are unique just enough to not be totally weird.


So there you have it, my “I don’t wanna go anywhere but I still wanna look good” day. I hope you enjoyed it!


What is all that STUFF?!

House: Studio Plus by Abiss (we have modified this house a bit, mostly tinting the walls since white walls are boring)

Snuggly Chair of Goodness: Cozy Cuddle Chair by Zen Creations

Book Tables: 22769 (gacha items)

Lamps: Vintage Lighting from Static (gacha items)

What the Heck is Corvi Wearing?!

Hair: Cheri by Truth

Top: Ruffle Top by Foxes (Aug Luxe Box)

Skirt: Blueberry’s Aug Luxe Box

Shoes: Thunbergia by Empire (Aug Luxe Box)