Hidden Secrets in SL (Part 1 of Hopefully Many)

Ohai! Did you know there are places in SL that hardly anyone knows about? It’s true! Fun little easter eggs that are there for intrepid explorers to find and today I’m going to tell you about one of them.

My Sir is a sailing fan. I had actually never gone sailing before but since I met him we have gone out several times on the Blake Sea. For those of you who are like me and have NO idea what that is, I will explain. The Blake Sea is a section of water, several sims large… like LOTS of sims large actually, where there is some land and some rentals, but a lot of it is protected water space. They do sailing races out there and all kinds of cool stuff. Sim crossing can be a tad harsh but it’s a ton of fun!

*EDIT* Thanks for the correction! This particular adventure took place in the Dire Straits, not The Blake Sea. I’m still learning all of this as it’s totally new to me but tons of fun.

So, on this particular day Sir took me for a sail and said he had a surprise to show me. We’re sailing along cuz he has an actual SAIL boat, a Volvo something or other….. yeah I’m bad with names. lol and suddenly he tells me to turn up my draw distance and look over there… so I do, and in the distance I see this…. THING… come into view. it’s HUGE and we’re still 3 sims away from it, and it KEEPS GETTING BIGGER! O.O Welcome to the Leviathan.

6-30-17 Lev8

The Leviathan takes up almost a full sim all by itself and was made by the LL Moles. Who are the Moles you ask? They’re not Lindens, but they work for the Lindens. They build stuff. Stuff like this. For those of you who are builders, here’s the part you’re going to appreciate. THIS WAS DONE PRE-MESH. MOST of this is tortured prims with a few sculpts added in for the teeth and such. It was made in 2010, so this gives you an idea of how long it’s been here.

6-30-17 Lev9

To give you an idea of scale here, that’s me standing by a tooth and Corvi comes in at about 6feet, which is about average for SL these days. So yeah. this thing is ginormous.

There are innertubes to float on in the lagoon in Leviathan’s tummy and hammocks for you to lie in as well. Overall it’s very welcoming and there’s even a dock where you can get a free boat that’s on a timer so you can speed around and have fun.

6-30-17 Lev46-30-17 Lev7

The lagoon in the middle of the island holds a lot of flotsam and junk, and under the water is the graveyard of all the ships the Leviathan ate when he was still alive.

6-30-17 Lev3

Seagulls have taken up part of the island and claimed the bones of his tail as their nesting grounds. It’s slightly dangerous for your health to get too close to them.

6-30-17 Lev1

6-30-17 Lev2

The Leviathan is just sitting here, in the middle of the Blake Sea (EDIT: I was corrected, this is in the Dire Straits, still learning my geography!), and very few even know he exist. I think he is amazing, and I love that the Lindens and the Moles have done things like this. Apparently there are more easter eggs like this in SL. I want to find more! If you know of any let me know and I’ll totally go check them out and blog them.

If you would like to go visit Leviathan and don’t have a boat, I’ll let ya cheat and give you the slurl: The Leviathan Skeleton