The Faire Shrine

While wandering in the woods one day I came across the ruins of what appeared to be a shrine. While venturing closer I wondered what, or who, this shrine had been for. It seemed odd for it to be hiding in this wilderness with no one around.

Faire Blog 1 Day 3

Faire Blog 5 Day 3

The first thing that struck me was the amount of detail on the statues surrounding the shrine. The Fauns looked as if they might come alive and leap into action at any moment and it felt like I could hear the ringing from the horns they were blowing. The unicorn stood between them with a quiet dignity all of it’s own. It was only then that I realized that all three of them were holding a ball with glowing letters on them. “Why, this much be a shrine for Fantasy Faire!” I cried, “a place where one can remember the Faire for ever. ”

Faire Blog 4 Day 3

Stepping past the statues I made my way up the stairs to gaze upon the pool inside the shrine. Sparkling lights of magic swirled around it leaving me with a sense of wonder and awe.

Faire Blog 3 Day 3

Motion to the side caught my eye and I turned to look, wide eyed, at the statue that had appeared beside the shrine. Swirling around the couple locked together was glowing magic water. Truly the Faire Magic was strong here.

Faire Blog 2 Day 3



What is all this stuff?

Windlight used: Annan Adored: Light Explosion III

Leaping Faun Statues: MeadowWorks at Fantasy Faire found on The Rose sim

Golden Unicorn Statue: MeadowWorks at Fantasy Faire found on The Rose sim

Fantasy WayShrine: HarshLands at Fantasy Faire found on Raven’s Perch sim

The Healing Statue: HarshLands at Fantasy Faire found on Raven’s Perch sim

MG – Skybox – Mystic Forest 60x30x24 Skybox – v2: Mindgardens Creations at Fantasy Faire found on Chaddul Ro sim


Owww My Head!

Fantasy Faire is still going strong. This is my first year of blogging for this event and I gotta tell ya, it’s SCARY logging in and being inundated with a bazillion things all landing on your head. It’s also FANTASTIC! Cuz there has been so much cool stuff! I will blog as much as I can.

Faire Blog 4 Day1

When I saw this fabulous item from Doggmata I knew just how it felt. That’s how my head feels after a bunch of blogger boxes fall on it! Doggmata is a new store to me, I have never heard of them before but after seeing their stuff I will be looking for more! This is creepy and cute all at the same time.

Faire Blog 1 Day1

I do feel sort of sorry for the poor statues, their heads are all split open like an egg with goo running out, purple glow in the dark goo! It definitely makes a statement.

Faire Blog 3 Day 1

And of course, I had to dress all snazzy for these photos and so I chose this outfit from Beyond Persuasion’s clothing side. Totally adorable and dark all at the same time. I love the color, I’m a burgundy fan. The man loves it cuz it shows off my legs. lol

Faire Blog2 Day1

To finish it all off is the makeup. Purple Puffin is making some really interesting and unusual color palettes these days and this is no exception. I love the glitter on the lip color and please notice that the lip color covers ALL of the catwa lips… unlike a lot of other makeup stores out there. That is one of the reasons why I love wearing Purple Puffin’s lipsticks.

So, that’s it for this time, more is coming soooon!


Splitting Headache by Doggmata at Fantasy Faire on Egregore Sim

Windlight: Ambient Grey

What the heck is Corvi wearing?

Body: Maitreya

Hair: Exile::Go: 11. Grayscale

Skin: Pink Fuel Latte

Head: Catwa Lona

Outfit: EEc {RFL} Fatal poisons of despair: Paula{Boxed} by Enrapturing elegance couture & Beyond Persuasion design at Fantasy Faire on Fallen Sands Sim

Makeup: Eyeshadow: Unicorn Poop – GrapeJam [Catwa} by Purple Puffin at Fantasy Faire on Anansi Sim

Lipstick: Glitter Lip – Copper Unicorn Poop [Catwa] by Purple Puffin at Fantasy Faire on Anansi Sim


The Faire! The Faire!

The Faire! The Faire! Would you, could you at the Faire?! …. yeah… so I’ve been reading Green Eggs and Ham lately… can we tell?

BUT! FANTASY FAIRE IS OPEN!!! *dances all over the place like a crazy person* My most favoritest event of the year! Fantasy Faire is an 11 day event that raises money for RFL (Relay For Life) to find a cure for cancer. There will be many more posts from me about the Faire in the upcoming days, but in this blog I’ll be telling you a bit about the Faire and stuff so bear with me till we get to the pretty pictures.

Fantasy Faire. This is the 9th year and it just keeps getting bigger and better every year. Last year over 30,000 US Dollars (yes… DOLLARS) was raised and I am sure we can beat that this year. There are 15 sims this year… you heard right FIFTEEN!!! ZOMG!  Not all of them have shopping on them, but most of them do. Each sim has it’s own specific theme and story behind it. I have walked thru all of them and they are all AMAZING and Gorgeous. Even if you’re flat broke and can’t buy anything, GO ANYWAY just to look at the sims. And, while you’re there, check out the Literary Events. There are guest speakers/readers, there will be tours of the sims where you get to be all inspired and write stuff, there are light shows, dance shows, even a play! There will be sim wide roleplays going on thruout the entire time as well that you can take part in. And all of those things are free! To find out more about ALL THE THINGS plus LM’s to all the sims, go here: Fantasy Faire Website

There is also The Quest! *cues the drama music* DumDumDum DUMMMMMM… The Quest is… well it’s amazing. For a small fee (around 250L I think, don’t quote me on that!) you get a hud which you wear and it takes you on an adventure all over all the sims. You have to collect information and things from different NPC’s on each sim and then go to the Quest Sim to save the Bard Queen! If you are a Hero and successfully save the day you receive oohhh.. about a bazillion prizes that have been generously donated by the merchants of the Faire.

But wait! There’s MORE!! Fantasy Faire Radio! Make sure you keep your music on the entire time you’re at the Faire because they have tons of DJ’s who are streaming live right from the Fairechylde on Kakushi Pasu.

Everyone and anyone are welcome to Fantasy Faire. You can be human, drow, dragon, petite, tiny, dinkie, furry, animal, ANYTHING.. we’re all welcome at the Faire. While you’re walking around you are likely to see all sorts of fun and amazing people. If you see a look that is particularly impressive, or uber squee cute, IM them. Let them know! They have likely worked hard on that look and we all love to know that it’s being appreciated. And they might even tell you where they got it!

I will be spending most of my time at the faire in my Dinkie Kitty avi, so if you see me say hai!


Here I am on Dawn’s Promise sim. I found these fabulous peacocks and had to protect them from Da5id (one of the committee members and totally mean *nods lots*) who wanted to eat them. I think a peacock would make a wonderful ride for me, don’t you think? All I need is a saddle and harness and we’ll be set to go!

Toll Deer

Now I am at The Hill. This sim has a number of Toll Deer who have taken over the pathways and won’t let you by unless you give them carrots. These particular deer are Zaps Dyrssen and J.Jonstone. yes.. these are avatars that can be bought at the Faire. Zaps and J.J are both creators and Merchants here at the Faire.

I will have more for you soon.. very soon… until then, go forth and immerse yourself in the Faire. You won’t regret it.

Corvi Ashdene

PS: Both photos were taken using the windlight each sim had been set to.


Da Sheriff of da Pawlice


Fantasy Faire is almost here again! This is by far my most favorite event of the year. What’s not to love?! 11 Sims of fantasy goodness! The Quest! Literary Events! and of course, The Pawlice. You’ve seen them, tinies and dinkies motoring thru the Faire on their little segways dispensing their version of justice to all. They look adorable with their little uniforms and bobby hats but underneath they are hatching a sinister plot. They are trying to take over all the waffles of the faire! *LE GASP!*

The leader of this gang is the nefarious Sheriff of the Faire, Oldesoul himself. A Tiny Bobcat, he runs his force with an iron fist. All fear him.

OldeSoul Eldemar (FF PAWLICE)_002

OK.. so not really. lol Sheriff Oldesoul and his Pawlice Force are amazingly awesome. They volunteer their time and spend the entire time the Faire is going on running around and helping people. They answer questions, help little old ladies across the street, give directions to those who are lost, and yes… steal all your waffles.  They show up at every Jail N Bail… now granted, this is because they are the ones who jailed the Creators in the first place, but still!

Pawlice_ Breeze Sponsored by Solarium, FF Breeze (204, 205, 4

The Pawlice is an important part of the Faire. They run around and get people excited about the events, they keep the peace… sorta… however, they can also be bribed. Oh yes… for waffles they are willing to look the other way when a misdeed is done. This is probably why yours truly has yet to be imprisoned. Oldesoul claims to have a list of warrants out for my arrest but nothing has ever happened to me.. yet. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that I stay that way!

Last year the pawlice finally got what was coming to them and THEY got jailed. it was a beautiful sight to behold. I think people were paying the kiosk to keep the Pawlice IN jail.. which made perfect sense to me. Those blighters took every last waffle I had! I’m stocking up this year!


In all seriousness tho, Sheriff Oldesoul and his Pawlice are fabulous people and I adore all of them. They are always excited about the Faire and are right there to help donate to RFL. I feel very honored to have Olde as a friend, without him and his force the Faire wouldn’t be the same. So when you are shopping during the Faire this year and you see one of the Pawlice on their segways, let them know how much you appreciate them… sharing your waffles wouldn’t hurt either.

Corvi Ashdene


Butterflies for Real!

I am going to do something that is rarely going to happen. I am going to talk about something in the Real World… it’s that place we go when we log off the computer… yeah I know I don’t like being there either but occasionally some really cool stuff can happen!

An example of that is what I did with my kids today. Right now my kids are on Spring Break and I have to find things to do with them so I don’t destroy them.. trust me.. this is a possibility. So, today I took them to the Krohn Conservatory in Cincinnati. Right now they have a Butterfly Exhibit going on and it is AMAZING! If you ever get to go to a butterfly exhibit I HIGHLY recommend going. If you would like to find out more about the Conservatory you can go here.

When you enter the butterfly area you are given a card with a scratch and sniff area on it that smells like Jasmine. They tell you to scratch the heck out of it and the scent will help attract the butterflies to come sit on your card. In reality, the kids had much better luck waiting until a butterfly was on a flower and then slowly sliding the card underneath them. There were at least 8 different kinds of butterflies flapping around but the most impressive by far, was the Blue Morpho. These things are HUGE!!! I had one take up residence on my arm and refused to leave. I left him there for about 40 min (while he peed down my arm at least 6 times) until I finally handed him off to someone else. We spent about 2 hours there and the kids loved every moment of it. They are already making plans to go back again.

I have compiled a collection of the most impressive photos we took today, well, the most impressive that don’t have anyone’s face in it. There is one that shows a child from the back (can’t miss it, there’s a giant Blue Morpho on his neck), that is my son, so I am allowed to post it. I truly hope you enjoy the photos as much as we enjoyed taking them.


Until next time, may all your dreams have butterfly wings!


Pour Some Sugar On Me!

You’re welcome for that earworm btw. I’m all about the sugar right now! Spoonful of Sugar! The SOS Event is going on right now and raises money for Doctors Without Borders (MSF), which is a totally awesome charity. You can find out more about MSF and the SOS event HERE

SOS 2017 Spring sign

So you’re probly wondering, “Corvi, what kinds of things are at SOS?” I can tell you! There are 5 sims.. yes FIVE! The main central sim that has OOAK (One Of A Kind) Silent Auctions, Gachas, a RAFFLE HOUSE Fully decorated, and all sorts of DJ’s and other events that will be going on while SOS is active. Then there are TWO Fashion Sims, One H&G Garden Sim and one H&G Furniture Sim. ALL THE THINGS!!! And the entire thing has been amazingly decorated to look like something out of Holland.

So obviously I had to check this out. I bounced onto the main sim and was immediately offered a ride by two draft horses pulling a wagon. These horses btw, are an AVATAR… yeeessss… very cool stuff.



I let them pull me around the main sim for a bit while I checked out all the sights but eventually I had to let them go and get on with my sightseeing. I found myself on a path lined with flowers with beds of tulips all around me. VERY springy! and YES those are Gacha Flowers behind me!



I wandered the streets of the Fashion and H&G Sims, taking in the sights, the amazing items up for grabs and just the total experience.


So I will say to you, go forth… SHOP! DO much much shoppings and support this amazing cause. You know you wanna.Oh… and be careful.. there are wild animals roaming around. I saw one poor critter on a floaty in one of the canals… I hope he can swim!

What the heck is Corvi Wearing?!

Makeup: alaskametro<3 “Sugar” makeup palette – Catwa (SOS Event)

Glasses: EarthStones Eyeglasses – The Countess (SOS Event)

Outfit (yes shoes too!): Maci ~ Joan Outfit (SOS Event)

Rings: [Atomic] Gacha // Heavy Handed_Stacked Rings 1 & 2 – Silver (Arcade March 2017 Round)

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Marceline Mesh Hair – All colors

[Commoner] TidBit Activity Tracker / Black (bagged) (Arcade March 2017 Round)


Instant Human… just add Coffee

This should seriously be my logo or something cuz it’s totally me. I am not human till I’ve had coffee in my system. Lately I got a whole new set of coffee stuffs for my home. You may have heard of this thing called Arcade Gacha Event.. yeah.. totally dangerous place.. you should totally avoid it.. yup. *nods* Anyway, Plaaka has this whole machine with nothing but coffee stuffs in it! I own it all now.. I think I mentioned it was a dangerous place.

WC Coffee3

I also wandered thru Whore Couture, and again, spent waaayy too much money. But I got this sweet hair (hat is attached to the hair!) and amazing pant outfit there.. and NO.. this is NOT an applier.. this is MESH!

WC Coffee2

The only downside to a complex coffee system is being half awake and trying to figure out how to MAKE SOME COFFEE!!! However I did eventually prevail and managed to make myself some caffeinated goodness, so y’all get to survive another day cuz trust me… Corvi without Coffee is just scary and is hazardous to everyone’s health.

WC Coffee1

Once I managed to wake up I was able to get my nails done and they are sooo amazing. I love ZoZ nails. I really really do. And then? Well then it was time to play with my new puppy! He is so cute!

WC Coffee4

That’s it for this time! Tune in next time for more weird and wacky that is ME!


What the Heck is Corvi Wearing?

[Commoner] TidBit Activity Tracker / Black (bagged) (Arcade Gacha Event)
Hair: no.match_ ~ NO_LESS ~ Pack of BLACKS (Whore Couture Event)
PantSuit: .:Avanti:. Livi Bodysuit – Black (Whore Couture Event)
Nails: {ZOZ} The Arts Polish (Fat) (wear) (Whore Couture Event)


PLAAKA Coffee Factory Gacha (various pieces) (Arcade Gacha Event)

JIAN Scruffy Shepherds BOX 9. Wander Pup Melanistic (Arcade Gacha Event)