Uber Strikes Again

Hallo Peeps! I know it’s been ages and I DO mean ages, since I have posted in here. I have been making Flickr photos occasionally so you should check them out! I acquired LumiPro and have been playing around and just generally adoring all the lighting and filters and such that I can do now. Having the built in poser is nice as well. I don’t have to lug my pose stand everywhere when I want to take a picture.

Today I went and hit Uber since well.. it’s Uber. I had to get the Truth Hair! But of course I found more things I needed. NEEDED I SAY!

5-25-18 Uber 15-25-18 Uber 2

So what we haz here is an outfit from Coco. *COCO*_ExtremeWideLegJeans_DarkBlue and *COCO*_HalterneckTop_Black. Shown in the photo is the Belleza Freya option. Yes, I have switched to the Freya and I adore it. I like the curves much better.

The jewelry is from Cae and is called Cae :: Mirha :: Collection. The earrings and the Necklace have a hud to change the colors of the strings and beads so lots of mix and matching can happen!

5-25-18 Uber 3

The hair is, of course, Truth. Ever since Truth redid their color packs I have been in love with them. Ok, in all honesty, I’ve always loved Truth’s hair but their black pack was so dark you couldn’t see the textures which made me not want to wear them. He has corrected this issue, however, and I have been buying practically every pack since. This shade is from the “Rainbow” pack and the hair is called Bloom and I of course, got the FatPack since I had to haz ALL the colors!!

You may be wondering, “Corvi why is the hair called Bloom?” I can tell you!! Cuz there are flowers in the back!

5-25-18 Uber 4

The flowers come with a hud so you can change the tint on them and the hair, as usual, comes with the style hud so you can choose to have some hair flipped down in the front, or all of it back behind your shoulders. I love that style hud so much!

To finish off the look I am wearing REIGN.- CERY WEDGES- FATPACK. They are gorgeous wedges just perfect for summer. You can choose a traditional cork and rope wedge or you can have solid colors like I did. You can also choose between lace on the toe part or solids so tons of ways to switch it up!

5-25-18 Uber 5

So there we have it, my foray into this round of Uber where I came home much lighter in the wallet than when I went in, but so worth it!

Till next time! MWAH!

ALL of this can be found at UBER!



Feeling a little Retro

Rewind started today. YAY!! It runs from Nov 10th – 28th and if you wanna go check out all the things, here’s a handy dandy SLURL you know you wanna. So the theme for Rewind this time is “1940’s Pinup” and zomg did they rise to the challenge.

Now, when I hear the store name “Contraption” I’m gonna admit, I don’t immediately think of Pinups… I usually think of creepy awesome cybernetic or steampunk stuff. However, they have proven me wrong. Contraption made this amazing… and I do mean AMAZING spitfire airplane with 4 pinup poses on it. It comes plain (like in my photos) or with a flag draped across it. I’m tempted to leave this plane out on my parcel for ever so everyone boating or flying by can be jealous!

11-10-17 Rewind1

There are tons of clothing but the one outfit that stood out for me the most was from Decoy. It’s cute, it’s sassy, and is totally retro style. there’s solids and polka dots in many colors, but naturally I bought the fatpack so I could have ALL THE THINGS!

11-10-17 Rewind2

11-10-17 Rewind3

There was a lot more awesomely cool stuff so you may be seeing another blog about Rewind before the end of the month. We’ll have to see if I can actually get motivated to blog more. I know.. I’ve been bad. I promise to try harder!

11-10-17 Rewind4

Until next time, happy flying! and Happy Veterans Day/Remembrance Day! Go hug a veteran and thank them for their service!


Where did Corvi take those photos?!

My home parcel. All the landscaping materials are from Skye Studio and Botanical.

Windlight: [TOR] SCI-FI Whirld spinnin

What the heck is Corvi wearing?!

Spitfire (ok I’m sitting on it, not wearing.. details details) [ContraptioN] Decor: Pin-Up Spitfire Prop BOXED (found at Rewind)

Dress: Decoy – Sara Dress: Fatpack (found at Rewind)

Hair: TRUTH VIP October – Makena

Shoes: The Dark Fae’s Mademoiselle Fatpack (YUP! Those are by ME!!)

It’s a Luxe Filled Day

Luxe Box is one of the few Mystery Boxes I do. I find that overall, the quality is awesome and I keep, on average, about half of the items. The other items, while well done, just simply aren’t my style, and that’s ok! This round, however, I kept pretty much everything, which is a record for me.

8-16-17 Luxe1

Today was just one of those days where I wanted to curl up in my comfy chair and read. Have you ever had one of those days? Where you just want to hide away from the universe for awhile and relax and just BE. Today I indulged in that. I adore my snuggly comfy chair so much, the blanket has texture changes in it and everything.

8-16-17 Luxe2

It was simply just so calming and relaxing to curl up there with the sunset shining in thru my windows.

8-16-17 Luxe3

Here is an excellent view of two of the items from Luxe. the top is from Foxes and the skirt is Blueberry… seriously, I think I own 3/4 of her store at this point.

8-16-17 Luxe4

The finishing touch is always shoes, and these shoes from Empire are likely going to be my new “go to” pair of shoes. The materials are very well done on them and they are unique just enough to not be totally weird.


So there you have it, my “I don’t wanna go anywhere but I still wanna look good” day. I hope you enjoyed it!


What is all that STUFF?!

House: Studio Plus by Abiss (we have modified this house a bit, mostly tinting the walls since white walls are boring)

Snuggly Chair of Goodness: Cozy Cuddle Chair by Zen Creations

Book Tables: 22769 (gacha items)

Lamps: Vintage Lighting from Static (gacha items)

What the Heck is Corvi Wearing?!

Hair: Cheri by Truth

Top: Ruffle Top by Foxes (Aug Luxe Box)

Skirt: Blueberry’s Aug Luxe Box

Shoes: Thunbergia by Empire (Aug Luxe Box)


Welcome to my Boudoir… ohmai!

Today you are getting to see a room of my house that few ever get to see. My bedroom! I couldn’t think of a better place to take these photos since today I’m going to share with you a few things from the Bound Box.

I know these mystery box things are the newest fad. There’s Luxe, DecoCrate, Powder, and many many MANY more. After awhile they kind of blend into each other. That being said, I am very glad I signed up for the Bound Box. This was the first round and the designers definitely stepped up their game to give us some amazing loot. As you can guess from the name, Bound Box is for the kinky peoples and had some stellar merchants in the first round. 22789, Salt & Pepper, Mossu, and Voluptas Virtualis to name just a few. Bound started out with the intention of being a quarterly box, but due to the overwhelming response they got, they are now considering every other month. To find out more information about Bound Box, go to their website which is here or you can go to their HQ inworld which is here .

I’ve also included a couple items from Epiphany Gacha Event.

SO! Now on to the pretty pictures!

7-18-17 Bound1

This sexy outfit is from Luas and has a multi color hud that lets you change dang near EVERYTHING. I stayed traditional tho in my favorite red and black.

7-18-17 Bound2

7-18-17 Bound3

7-18-17 Bound6

The ruffles are just too cute but the whole thing isn’t over the top cute. It’s sexy and enticing. I adore it. I haven’t taken it off since I unpacked the Box!

7-18-17 Bound4

The rings are from Real Evil (they really are evil you know.. sooo many amazing things!) and can be found in their Epiphany Gacha. It’s one of their rares and comes with a very nice hud that lets you change all the things.

7-18-17 Bound5

No outfit is complete without shooze! Blueberry’s Epiphany Gacha has some amazing shoes (along with dresses and shirts and.. yeah.. I may have hit this gacha a few times).

So there you have it, Bound Box is a definite win in my books. I can’t wait to see what they come up with for the next one!

Background Decor

Bed set: Modern Bondage Bed from Dictatorshop

What The Heck Is Corvi Wearing?!

Body: Maitreya

Skin: Sabine Latte from Pink Fuel

Head: Catwa Lona

Eyeshadow: Smoky Boudoir from Pink Fuel

Nailpolish: Spike Royal Polish from ZoZ

Lipstick: Mistress Lips from ItGirls (found in July Bound Box)

Outfit: Odette from Luas (found in July Bound Box)

Shoes: #6 Blueberry – Dream Girl – Shoes – RARE – Dreamy Black *M* (found at Epiphany)

Rings: **RE** Amira Rings Set – RARE (found at Epiphany)



Hidden Secrets in SL (Part 1 of Hopefully Many)

Ohai! Did you know there are places in SL that hardly anyone knows about? It’s true! Fun little easter eggs that are there for intrepid explorers to find and today I’m going to tell you about one of them.

My Sir is a sailing fan. I had actually never gone sailing before but since I met him we have gone out several times on the Blake Sea. For those of you who are like me and have NO idea what that is, I will explain. The Blake Sea is a section of water, several sims large… like LOTS of sims large actually, where there is some land and some rentals, but a lot of it is protected water space. They do sailing races out there and all kinds of cool stuff. Sim crossing can be a tad harsh but it’s a ton of fun!

*EDIT* Thanks for the correction! This particular adventure took place in the Dire Straits, not The Blake Sea. I’m still learning all of this as it’s totally new to me but tons of fun.

So, on this particular day Sir took me for a sail and said he had a surprise to show me. We’re sailing along cuz he has an actual SAIL boat, a Volvo something or other….. yeah I’m bad with names. lol and suddenly he tells me to turn up my draw distance and look over there… so I do, and in the distance I see this…. THING… come into view. it’s HUGE and we’re still 3 sims away from it, and it KEEPS GETTING BIGGER! O.O Welcome to the Leviathan.

6-30-17 Lev8

The Leviathan takes up almost a full sim all by itself and was made by the LL Moles. Who are the Moles you ask? They’re not Lindens, but they work for the Lindens. They build stuff. Stuff like this. For those of you who are builders, here’s the part you’re going to appreciate. THIS WAS DONE PRE-MESH. MOST of this is tortured prims with a few sculpts added in for the teeth and such. It was made in 2010, so this gives you an idea of how long it’s been here.

6-30-17 Lev9

To give you an idea of scale here, that’s me standing by a tooth and Corvi comes in at about 6feet, which is about average for SL these days. So yeah. this thing is ginormous.

There are innertubes to float on in the lagoon in Leviathan’s tummy and hammocks for you to lie in as well. Overall it’s very welcoming and there’s even a dock where you can get a free boat that’s on a timer so you can speed around and have fun.

6-30-17 Lev46-30-17 Lev7

The lagoon in the middle of the island holds a lot of flotsam and junk, and under the water is the graveyard of all the ships the Leviathan ate when he was still alive.

6-30-17 Lev3

Seagulls have taken up part of the island and claimed the bones of his tail as their nesting grounds. It’s slightly dangerous for your health to get too close to them.

6-30-17 Lev1

6-30-17 Lev2

The Leviathan is just sitting here, in the middle of the Blake Sea (EDIT: I was corrected, this is in the Dire Straits, still learning my geography!), and very few even know he exist. I think he is amazing, and I love that the Lindens and the Moles have done things like this. Apparently there are more easter eggs like this in SL. I want to find more! If you know of any let me know and I’ll totally go check them out and blog them.

If you would like to go visit Leviathan and don’t have a boat, I’ll let ya cheat and give you the slurl: The Leviathan Skeleton

Feeling All Summer-like, thanks to Uber

Uber is on once again so of course you know I had to go check it all out, and of course, I spent way more money than I should but DANG there’s some nice stuff there this time!

The hardest part for me, when deciding to blog something, is where to take the dang photos. Usually I just punt and take them at my house. You may have noticed that the house is almost always different each time I do this… there’s a reason for this, and no, it’s not because I like giving you new backgrounds to look at… it’s because I’m a House Addict. There. I said it. I have a HUGE problem with buying houses and swapping them out. Sometimes a house will only last a month, sometimes it will last a year. If I get bored with it, a new one gets put out. So, be warned, house is subject to change at ANY given time. LOL

Now on to the photos… YAY!

5-26-17 Uber1

Tell me this isn’t a totally adorable outfit! I feel like I’m ready to go on a yacht or something. The top and pants are both from COCO, the hair is from Truth, and the shoes are shoes I’ve owned for awhile but adore. They’re from Empire.

5-26-17 Uber2

This hair… zomg… I didn’t used to buy Truth hair, not because I didn’t love the designs, because I do, I always have. But their black pack was very dark and you couldn’t see the highlights or even hair texture. THAT HAS CHANGED! ZOMG. Truth has totally redone all their packs, added more colors, and added new colorpacks like this shade from their Multitone1, and I love that I can have black and blue streaked hair. Truth is also doing something that a few other hair designers are doing now, giving you a Style Hud. This means you can choose what kind of bangs to wear, if you only want the hair falling over one side or both, basically making it work better for YOU. I foresee a lot more Truth Hair in my future. My poor wallet.

5-26-17 Uber3

5-26-17 Uber4

This outfit. When I saw it, I wasn’t sure it was really my style, but I grabbed the demo anyway, just to see. Boy was I wrong. I LOVE IT! It’s totally cute with the navy stripes on the top and then navy pants to go with it, and the slits up the sides of the pants makes it flirty and sexy. All I can say is, take a chance! Sometimes the oddest things will turn out to be something you totally love, but you won’t know if you don’t try.

5-26-17 Uber5

I had to take this picture and add it as well. It’s just so… casual and fabulous. And see? I can be all comfy on my car couch. Have I mentioned that I love that I have a computer that can manage shadows now? Well, now I have! Shadows create SO much more depth to my photos! I love it.

Arrrrright my friends, I shall see you next time! (did you catch that pirate reference there? cuz you know.. I’m all nautical and stuffs)

Background Stuff

House: Orlando from Inverse

Massage Table: Adult Massage Table Light from Dutchie

Car Chair: [Con.] Vintage Car Sofas – Champagne from Consignment (past Arcade Gacha item but gacha is at mainstore)

Windlight: Bristol

What The Heck Is Corvi Wearing?

Body: Maitreya

Head: Catwa Lona

Eyes: G.A.E.G.

Skin: Pink Fuel – Sabine – Latte Shade

Pants: *COCO*_SideSlitWideLegPants_Navy Currently at Uber

Top: *COCO*_WrapCropTop_StripeBlue Currently at Uber

Hair: TRUTH Imani – Fatpack Currently at Uber

Shoes: #EMPIRE – Foxglove – Gift

Necklace: Exquisite Signature Necklace – Deviant (box) 11 (freebie gift from becoming a Deviant at 2nd Sin Male Review… what? you didn’t think I never have any fun, did you? lol)


The Darker Side of the Faire

What? You didn’t think the Faire was all rainbows and light and cuteness did you? Oh no… many of the sims have a somewhat darker feel to them and Raven’s Perch is one of them. It is dark, yes, but it is also beautiful. A sleeping rose. Raven’s Perch was created by Kaelis Ember and lrriven. They even created a backstory for why the sim looks this way. Totally take the time and search out the story stones and read the story.

I decided that this sim was the perfect backdrop for today’s outfit. I went Dark Fae today. I love the skin, the scales really helps emphasize the fact that I am not human.

Faire Blog Day 7 Photo 1

So my dark fae self went wandering around Raven’s Perch, and much to my delight, I did, indeed, fit right in. (I apologize for the darkness of the photos but I used the windlight the sim was set on to get the whole ambience thing) Together, my carousal horse and I, made our way down the pathways, poking our noses into the various stores and shopping, cuz I OBVIOUSLY need more stuff!

Faire Blog Day 7 Photo 5

We stopped to SMELL (not eat, well I didn’t… the horse may have) the roses and to admire the forest trails.

Faire Blog Day 7 Photo 4   It seemed like the perfect place to show off the dress I was wearing. I adore it, it is transparent in parts, but totally solid in others giving it a patchwork handkerchief feel to it.

Faire Blog Day 7 Photo 2

and I had to show off the amazing nails I found that totally match my skin!

Faire Blog Day 7 Photo 3

I hope you enjoy the look! I dunno how long I’ll stay a Dark Fae before I go back to kitteh size.

Corvi Ashdene

WHERE were those photos taken?! Raven’s Perch Sim at Fantasy Faire

Windlight: Whatever the sim has been set to.

What The Heck Is Corvi Wearing?!

Body: Maitreya

Head: Catwa Lona

Ears: Soul Uni Ears – Blix: Soul can be found at Mudrana Sim at Fantasy Faire

Eyeshadow: [PF] CATWA Eyeshadow – Smokey Boudoir: Pink Fuel

Lipstick: [PF] CATWA LIPSTICK Applier – Glossy Pout: Pink Fuel

Skin: Scales [xx]+FGInc.+ Coal: Fallen Gods can be found at The Rose Sim at Fantasy Faire

Hair: AD – lala – blacks: Analog Dog

HORSE: !dM LaCatrina **SUGARSKULL HORSE** (BOX #13) RARE: !dM deviousMind can be found at The Rose Sim at Fantasy Faire


Dress: [Aleutia] Sophia: Aleutia can be found at The Hill Sim at Fantasy Faire

Nails: DP – Koffin Nails – Maitreya – Something WIcked (Boxed): Dark Passions can be found at Raven’s Perch Sim at Fantasy Faire