If you recognize my name you may be sitting there scratching your head going, “wait, I thought her blog was The Dark Fae.” Well, it is. But so is this one. The Dark Fae is the blog for my store. There I post about new items, events I’m in, and such… not always as often as I should, but I’m working on that. However, for awhile now I’ve wanted to have a place where I can post about other stuff. Clothes and stuff I find at events. Weird and wonderful ramblings. Amazing sims that I find that I want to share… in other words, ALL THE THINGS!

You poor people are going to be subjected to all the things I’ve been wanting to tell you but couldn’t cuz they didn’t pertain to my store. My Flickr feed is going to have photos for here and for the store. Flickr’s gonna be messy, but messy can be FUN! I’ve been doing some of this already in Flickr, a few photo blogs here and there. But I can never really TALK about the stuff I’m wearing in there. I can only list them. Now I’ll be able to go into more detail and have a LOT more fun with it.

So get comfy, grab some coffee and some popcorn and let’s start this wild ride!

Corvi Ashdene: certified crazy person