Uber Strikes Again

Hallo Peeps! I know it’s been ages and I DO mean ages, since I have posted in here. I have been making Flickr photos occasionally so you should check them out! I acquired LumiPro and have been playing around and just generally adoring all the lighting and filters and such that I can do now. Having the built in poser is nice as well. I don’t have to lug my pose stand everywhere when I want to take a picture.

Today I went and hit Uber since well.. it’s Uber. I had to get the Truth Hair! But of course I found more things I needed. NEEDED I SAY!

5-25-18 Uber 15-25-18 Uber 2

So what we haz here is an outfit from Coco. *COCO*_ExtremeWideLegJeans_DarkBlue and *COCO*_HalterneckTop_Black. Shown in the photo is the Belleza Freya option. Yes, I have switched to the Freya and I adore it. I like the curves much better.

The jewelry is from Cae and is called Cae :: Mirha :: Collection. The earrings and the Necklace have a hud to change the colors of the strings and beads so lots of mix and matching can happen!

5-25-18 Uber 3

The hair is, of course, Truth. Ever since Truth redid their color packs I have been in love with them. Ok, in all honesty, I’ve always loved Truth’s hair but their black pack was so dark you couldn’t see the textures which made me not want to wear them. He has corrected this issue, however, and I have been buying practically every pack since. This shade is from the “Rainbow” pack and the hair is called Bloom and I of course, got the FatPack since I had to haz ALL the colors!!

You may be wondering, “Corvi why is the hair called Bloom?” I can tell you!! Cuz there are flowers in the back!

5-25-18 Uber 4

The flowers come with a hud so you can change the tint on them and the hair, as usual, comes with the style hud so you can choose to have some hair flipped down in the front, or all of it back behind your shoulders. I love that style hud so much!

To finish off the look I am wearing REIGN.- CERY WEDGES- FATPACK. They are gorgeous wedges just perfect for summer. You can choose a traditional cork and rope wedge or you can have solid colors like I did. You can also choose between lace on the toe part or solids so tons of ways to switch it up!

5-25-18 Uber 5

So there we have it, my foray into this round of Uber where I came home much lighter in the wallet than when I went in, but so worth it!

Till next time! MWAH!

ALL of this can be found at UBER!



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