The Faire! The Faire!

The Faire! The Faire! Would you, could you at the Faire?! …. yeah… so I’ve been reading Green Eggs and Ham lately… can we tell?

BUT! FANTASY FAIRE IS OPEN!!! *dances all over the place like a crazy person* My most favoritest event of the year! Fantasy Faire is an 11 day event that raises money for RFL (Relay For Life) to find a cure for cancer. There will be many more posts from me about the Faire in the upcoming days, but in this blog I’ll be telling you a bit about the Faire and stuff so bear with me till we get to the pretty pictures.

Fantasy Faire. This is the 9th year and it just keeps getting bigger and better every year. Last year over 30,000 US Dollars (yes… DOLLARS) was raised and I am sure we can beat that this year. There are 15 sims this year… you heard right FIFTEEN!!! ZOMG!  Not all of them have shopping on them, but most of them do. Each sim has it’s own specific theme and story behind it. I have walked thru all of them and they are all AMAZING and Gorgeous. Even if you’re flat broke and can’t buy anything, GO ANYWAY just to look at the sims. And, while you’re there, check out the Literary Events. There are guest speakers/readers, there will be tours of the sims where you get to be all inspired and write stuff, there are light shows, dance shows, even a play! There will be sim wide roleplays going on thruout the entire time as well that you can take part in. And all of those things are free! To find out more about ALL THE THINGS plus LM’s to all the sims, go here: Fantasy Faire Website

There is also The Quest! *cues the drama music* DumDumDum DUMMMMMM… The Quest is… well it’s amazing. For a small fee (around 250L I think, don’t quote me on that!) you get a hud which you wear and it takes you on an adventure all over all the sims. You have to collect information and things from different NPC’s on each sim and then go to the Quest Sim to save the Bard Queen! If you are a Hero and successfully save the day you receive oohhh.. about a bazillion prizes that have been generously donated by the merchants of the Faire.

But wait! There’s MORE!! Fantasy Faire Radio! Make sure you keep your music on the entire time you’re at the Faire because they have tons of DJ’s who are streaming live right from the Fairechylde on Kakushi Pasu.

Everyone and anyone are welcome to Fantasy Faire. You can be human, drow, dragon, petite, tiny, dinkie, furry, animal, ANYTHING.. we’re all welcome at the Faire. While you’re walking around you are likely to see all sorts of fun and amazing people. If you see a look that is particularly impressive, or uber squee cute, IM them. Let them know! They have likely worked hard on that look and we all love to know that it’s being appreciated. And they might even tell you where they got it!

I will be spending most of my time at the faire in my Dinkie Kitty avi, so if you see me say hai!


Here I am on Dawn’s Promise sim. I found these fabulous peacocks and had to protect them from Da5id (one of the committee members and totally mean *nods lots*) who wanted to eat them. I think a peacock would make a wonderful ride for me, don’t you think? All I need is a saddle and harness and we’ll be set to go!

Toll Deer

Now I am at The Hill. This sim has a number of Toll Deer who have taken over the pathways and won’t let you by unless you give them carrots. These particular deer are Zaps Dyrssen and J.Jonstone. yes.. these are avatars that can be bought at the Faire. Zaps and J.J are both creators and Merchants here at the Faire.

I will have more for you soon.. very soon… until then, go forth and immerse yourself in the Faire. You won’t regret it.

Corvi Ashdene

PS: Both photos were taken using the windlight each sim had been set to.


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