Da Sheriff of da Pawlice


Fantasy Faire is almost here again! This is by far my most favorite event of the year. What’s not to love?! 11 Sims of fantasy goodness! The Quest! Literary Events! and of course, The Pawlice. You’ve seen them, tinies and dinkies motoring thru the Faire on their little segways dispensing their version of justice to all. They look adorable with their little uniforms and bobby hats but underneath they are hatching a sinister plot. They are trying to take over all the waffles of the faire! *LE GASP!*

The leader of this gang is the nefarious Sheriff of the Faire, Oldesoul himself. A Tiny Bobcat, he runs his force with an iron fist. All fear him.

OldeSoul Eldemar (FF PAWLICE)_002

OK.. so not really. lol Sheriff Oldesoul and his Pawlice Force are amazingly awesome. They volunteer their time and spend the entire time the Faire is going on running around and helping people. They answer questions, help little old ladies across the street, give directions to those who are lost, and yes… steal all your waffles.  They show up at every Jail N Bail… now granted, this is because they are the ones who jailed the Creators in the first place, but still!

Pawlice_ Breeze Sponsored by Solarium, FF Breeze (204, 205, 4

The Pawlice is an important part of the Faire. They run around and get people excited about the events, they keep the peace… sorta… however, they can also be bribed. Oh yes… for waffles they are willing to look the other way when a misdeed is done. This is probably why yours truly has yet to be imprisoned. Oldesoul claims to have a list of warrants out for my arrest but nothing has ever happened to me.. yet. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that I stay that way!

Last year the pawlice finally got what was coming to them and THEY got jailed. it was a beautiful sight to behold. I think people were paying the kiosk to keep the Pawlice IN jail.. which made perfect sense to me. Those blighters took every last waffle I had! I’m stocking up this year!


In all seriousness tho, Sheriff Oldesoul and his Pawlice are fabulous people and I adore all of them. They are always excited about the Faire and are right there to help donate to RFL. I feel very honored to have Olde as a friend, without him and his force the Faire wouldn’t be the same. So when you are shopping during the Faire this year and you see one of the Pawlice on their segways, let them know how much you appreciate them… sharing your waffles wouldn’t hurt either.

Corvi Ashdene


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