Butterflies for Real!

I am going to do something that is rarely going to happen. I am going to talk about something in the Real World… it’s that place we go when we log off the computer… yeah I know I don’t like being there either but occasionally some really cool stuff can happen!

An example of that is what I did with my kids today. Right now my kids are on Spring Break and I have to find things to do with them so I don’t destroy them.. trust me.. this is a possibility. So, today I took them to the Krohn Conservatory in Cincinnati. Right now they have a Butterfly Exhibit going on and it is AMAZING! If you ever get to go to a butterfly exhibit I HIGHLY recommend going. If you would like to find out more about the Conservatory you can go here.

When you enter the butterfly area you are given a card with a scratch and sniff area on it that smells like Jasmine. They tell you to scratch the heck out of it and the scent will help attract the butterflies to come sit on your card. In reality, the kids had much better luck waiting until a butterfly was on a flower and then slowly sliding the card underneath them. There were at least 8 different kinds of butterflies flapping around but the most impressive by far, was the Blue Morpho. These things are HUGE!!! I had one take up residence on my arm and refused to leave. I left him there for about 40 min (while he peed down my arm at least 6 times) until I finally handed him off to someone else. We spent about 2 hours there and the kids loved every moment of it. They are already making plans to go back again.

I have compiled a collection of the most impressive photos we took today, well, the most impressive that don’t have anyone’s face in it. There is one that shows a child from the back (can’t miss it, there’s a giant Blue Morpho on his neck), that is my son, so I am allowed to post it. I truly hope you enjoy the photos as much as we enjoyed taking them.


Until next time, may all your dreams have butterfly wings!


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