Sometimes a Girl’s Just Gotta Let Loose

It’s totally true. Sometimes you’ve just got to let go and have some fun and wear something totally flirty and revealing and LOVE it! If that means drinking on the bar, then so be it!

WC Flirty1

I mean, who could resist an outfit like this right? It’s totally cute! Now.. you may be asking me, “Corvi! Where did you FIND that?!” I’ll tell you! WHORE COUTURE EVENT! yeah I know, me, at a WC event.. mind blowing! But like I said, even I like to show a little skin sometimes. The top is hudded with a variety of color choices and the socks… I mean.. COME ON!!! KITTY SOCKS! These are attached to the shoes.. which I admit.. I’m not crazy about, but I’ll tolerate them for the socks! The socks are also hudded with tons of choices.

WC Flirty2

Then we have the hair.. I adore topknot hairdo’s but so often there are no bangs with them and that frustrates me cuz I’m a bangs kinda gal. This hair comes with Bangs OPTIONS! wewts! Sign me up!

WC Flirty4

So, totally check out Whore Couture. Tons of cute things.. I spent waaayy too much…  and another post with more stuffs from WC is coming soon! Oh and check out the NAILZ!

WC Flirty 5


What the heck is Corvi wearing?

Shirt: [hh] Strawberry Leather Top (Whore Couture Event)
Socks & Shoes: [Hilly Haalan] Lulu Platform Pumps w. Socks  PRINTS AND PLAINS (Whore Couture Event)
Skirt: 1 Hundred. Working Girl Outfit. Pink (Whore Couture Event)
Hair: Vanity Hair::Kiss & Bites-Greedy Pack (Whore Couture Event)
Nails: {ZOZ} The Arts Polish (Fat) (wear) (Whore Couture Event)
[Commoner] TidBit Activity Tracker / Black (bagged)(Arcade Gacha Event )

Bar: Trompe Loeil – Dragon & Orchid Home Pub Dark {A} V1.1 [mesh]


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