Instant Human… just add Coffee

This should seriously be my logo or something cuz it’s totally me. I am not human till I’ve had coffee in my system. Lately I got a whole new set of coffee stuffs for my home. You may have heard of this thing called Arcade Gacha Event.. yeah.. totally dangerous place.. you should totally avoid it.. yup. *nods* Anyway, Plaaka has this whole machine with nothing but coffee stuffs in it! I own it all now.. I think I mentioned it was a dangerous place.

WC Coffee3

I also wandered thru Whore Couture, and again, spent waaayy too much money. But I got this sweet hair (hat is attached to the hair!) and amazing pant outfit there.. and NO.. this is NOT an applier.. this is MESH!

WC Coffee2

The only downside to a complex coffee system is being half awake and trying to figure out how to MAKE SOME COFFEE!!! However I did eventually prevail and managed to make myself some caffeinated goodness, so y’all get to survive another day cuz trust me… Corvi without Coffee is just scary and is hazardous to everyone’s health.

WC Coffee1

Once I managed to wake up I was able to get my nails done and they are sooo amazing. I love ZoZ nails. I really really do. And then? Well then it was time to play with my new puppy! He is so cute!

WC Coffee4

That’s it for this time! Tune in next time for more weird and wacky that is ME!


What the Heck is Corvi Wearing?

[Commoner] TidBit Activity Tracker / Black (bagged) (Arcade Gacha Event)
Hair: no.match_ ~ NO_LESS ~ Pack of BLACKS (Whore Couture Event)
PantSuit: .:Avanti:. Livi Bodysuit – Black (Whore Couture Event)
Nails: {ZOZ} The Arts Polish (Fat) (wear) (Whore Couture Event)


PLAAKA Coffee Factory Gacha (various pieces) (Arcade Gacha Event)

JIAN Scruffy Shepherds BOX 9. Wander Pup Melanistic (Arcade Gacha Event)


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