I Spy…

For awhile now I have been hearing giggling in the garden around my pond. Every time I go to look, however, I can never seem to find anything. I was beginning to think I was going crazy and I was hearing things. It wouldn’t surprise me, I mean… I’m hardly what one could call sane.


I created this garden as my sanctuary, my place to be calm and take a break from being so frenetic all the time. I can only be silly for so long before I need a break. And NOW… NOW.. it was giggling at me! The Nerve!

Things were different this morning however. This morning, it was silent, no giggles at all. I tiptoed closer to the pond and there, sleeping on a sunwarmed stone, were a gaggle of faeries… or is that a giggle of faeries? At last the mysterious giggling had been solved! I left them to sleep, content to know there are new residents in my home and that they love my sanctuary as much as I do.


Where can I find those?

Faeries: HEXtraordinary Sleeping Faeries Gacha (Gacha Garden)

Garden: Two Moon Gardens – TMG Summery Bliss

Other Trees: Botanical – Touch 2 Change Aspen Tree Collection


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