I Spy…

For awhile now I have been hearing giggling in the garden around my pond. Every time I go to look, however, I can never seem to find anything. I was beginning to think I was going crazy and I was hearing things. It wouldn’t surprise me, I mean… I’m hardly what one could call sane.


I created this garden as my sanctuary, my place to be calm and take a break from being so frenetic all the time. I can only be silly for so long before I need a break. And NOW… NOW.. it was giggling at me! The Nerve!

Things were different this morning however. This morning, it was silent, no giggles at all. I tiptoed closer to the pond and there, sleeping on a sunwarmed stone, were a gaggle of faeries… or is that a giggle of faeries? At last the mysterious giggling had been solved! I left them to sleep, content to know there are new residents in my home and that they love my sanctuary as much as I do.


Where can I find those?

Faeries: HEXtraordinary Sleeping Faeries Gacha (Gacha Garden)

Garden: Two Moon Gardens – TMG Summery Bliss

Other Trees: Botanical – Touch 2 Change Aspen Tree Collection


Dramatic Entrance

I thought for my first fashion post I would do so in dramatic style, and how better to do that than with this amazing outfit that I found at N21. Then I had to sit and think and ponder and wonder where on earth I could go that would give this outfit the background it needed, then it hit me! MY STORE! zomg! So I trundled my tushy off to the store where I got mesmerized by the aquariums… again. I seriously think there’s an hallucinogenic in those things.


Sitting in the comfy chair I stared at the fishies swimming and before I knew it I’d lost about an hour of time. DANGIT!


Good thing the chair is so comfy or my tush might have gotten numb. Shaking my head in an effort to focus, I WAS here to take photos afterall, I stood and walked around trying to find the perfect angles to show off the amazing thigh high ribbon shoes and risque dress I was wearing.  Finally I decided to take a photo while looking into one of the round wall aquariums. This gave a perfect shot of my shoulder tattoo and a really good look at the lace the skirt is made of.


Content that I had fulfilled my picture taking duties I proceeded to sprawl out on one of the floor aquariums and indulge in a little fish watching. I’ll be posting again soon.. as soon as I leave the aquariums… any time now… really….


Aquariums made by Mi Gallery

Chair: Nomad Boudoir Settee Black

Background: The Dark Fae Mainstore

What the heck is Corvi Wearing?

Body: Maitreya Lara

Head: Catwa Catya Bento

Skin: Pink Fuel Sabine (Brulee)

Eyeshadow: Pink Fuel Catwa Eyeshadow (Smokey Boudoir)

Lipstick: Pink Fuel Catwa Lipstick Applier (Glossy Pout)

Tattoo: :::insanya::: TATTOO – Stars

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Marceline Mesh Hair – All colors

Dress: [Canimal] Nomine Black Lara (At N21)

Shoes: REIGN.- Arya Heels- Customization Pack  (At N21)

A New Endeavor

It’s gonna be a wild ride!


If you recognize my name you may be sitting there scratching your head going, “wait, I thought her blog was The Dark Fae.” Well, it is. But so is this one. The Dark Fae is the blog for my store. There I post about new items, events I’m in, and such… not always as often as I should, but I’m working on that. However, for awhile now I’ve wanted to have a place where I can post about other stuff. Clothes and stuff I find at events. Weird and wonderful ramblings. Amazing sims that I find that I want to share… in other words, ALL THE THINGS!

You poor people are going to be subjected to all the things I’ve been wanting to tell you but couldn’t cuz they didn’t pertain to my store. My Flickr feed is going to have photos for here and for the store. Flickr’s gonna be messy, but messy can be FUN! I’ve been doing some of this already in Flickr, a few photo blogs here and there. But I can never really TALK about the stuff I’m wearing in there. I can only list them. Now I’ll be able to go into more detail and have a LOT more fun with it.

So get comfy, grab some coffee and some popcorn and let’s start this wild ride!

Corvi Ashdene: certified crazy person